Network printing in America
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Network printing in America

Theuniversal application of network printing in America

         Accordingto a recent report, about 25% of the printing enterprises are considering theintroduction of online print solutions. At the same time, according to a studyfound USAnetwork printing:

-More than half customized printing service providers have used the web to printsolutions.

-Web to print solutions contribute to improve productivity, customers’ satisfactionand loyalty.

-Needsof network printing increase

        Atpresent, many Americaprinting enterprises with the business model of network orders providepersonalized printing services.



-Vistaprint:face needs of small micro enterprise


-Shutterfly:photo book printing


-Mimeo:personalized printing

UPS、UPS Store、 Office Depotand Staples

Thereare a lot of printing service providers to provide online retail business, suchas FedEx, UPS, UPS Store, Office Depot and Staples ltd..

      Withthe development of network services, the traditional mode of application willgradually decline, web to print solutions will have larger development space.

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