North American SMEs can get the return on investment from social media
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North American SMEs can get the return on investment from social media

      Independent market research company TNS surveyed nearly 1,000 small and medium enterprises in the United States and Canada discovered that 60 percent of these small and medium enterprises including self adhesive materials companies have realized that social media could effectively help build brand awareness and acquire new customers
      The survey found that: 81% of SMEs are currently using social media to grow their business, 9% of SMEs plan to adopt social media in the future. 94% of SMEs which are using social media believe that this approach can help them achieve their marketing goals .Nearly two-thirds of SMEs believe that their biggest problem is how to attract new customers and in these enterprises, 61% believe they can benefit from social media to attract new customers, in addition over two fifths of small and medium companies believe that social media is useful to retain existing customers. 56% of SMEs said they had increased spending on social media in the past year, the amount is higher than other sales channels, including e-mail marketing and commercial activities. 

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