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In 1978, following the China’s reform and opening up, Ambel began trading as a self adhesive materials distributor in Guangzhou, south China. At that time, Chinese factories were not able to manufacture self adhesive materials because of lack of technology and equipments. Most of label materials were imported from Europe, America and Japan. It can be said that Ambel was one of the first batch of Chinese company which got involved in this industry in China.


In 1993, Ambel bought a German made photo paper making machine in the second-hand machine market. After some modification, Ambel produced the first poly-coated paper. Meanwhile, coating machine and hot-melt adhesive technology were imported from Taiwan. After that, Ambel became one of the first Chinese factory which could manufacture self adhesive materials.


In 1997, by partnering with local university, Ambel developed the acrylic technology and produced the self adhesive materials based on acrylic system.


In 2008, Ambel celebrated its 30th anniversary.


In 2010, Ambel moved into its new factory and assembled the 4th coating machine.


Nowadays, Ambel is a leading manufacturing company of self adhesive materials and silicon release liner in Asia.