3D printing market size in 2018 is expected to grow to $16.2 billion
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3D printing market size in 2018 is expected to grow to $16.2 billion

       If you put the 3D printing as a kind of fashion, it iscompletely mistaken. The latest forecast is that the market size of this unfoldingindustry will reach tens of billions dollars in the next four years.

       With the rapid development of 3D printing, the marketscale is expected to reach $16200000000 in 2018.

According to the latest report of market research firmAnalysys, the entire 3D printing market has reached $2500000000 in 2013, and in2014 is expected to break the $3800000000 mark.  Tim Shepherd, Analysys International CompanySenior Analyst, said: although this is a very rapidly growing market, but it isstill in the initial stage ".

Tim Shepherd also said, in the next few years, we wouldsee more brands to enter the market, including HP etc. With the lowerthreshold, using new technology and the progress of participants continued toincrease. The market would turn the world upside down the change in the nextfew years.

In the short term, with the 3D printer prices decline andthe improvement of technology, 3D printing market will become more open and thefoundation will also become more solid.

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