Epson's new generation printing machine
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Epson's new generation printing machine

         Recently, Epson developed a new generation desktop industrial label printing machine by using PrecisonCore linear print head and further expanded its product line of label printing machine. The product is suitable for batch printing. New products make the Epson SurePress series digital label printing machine, desktop color label printing machine and compact electronic label printing machine more perfect. This new generation machine has outstanding speed, per second up to 300mm, excellent quality; and improves the work efficiency greatly.

        The new product is suitable for high volume printing applications, such as the two class labels and shipping / shipping labels, designed to meet the industries who have requirements of productivity, durability and reliability of the label printing machine. More and more industry users need to provide basic information to the end user through the color tag. The new product Epson can meet all their needs.

       The secret of this successful new product is to use the PrecisionCore, the Epson’s most advanced print head technology. The core of this technology is based on a micro electromechanical system (MEMS), a new generation of print chip technology, which greatly increases the inkjet print head density. Epson arranges these chips in a single row linear print head for high-speed industrial printing applications. In addition, because the PrecisionCore print head of ink droplets is very accurate, uniform, the text edge sharpness prints also very well.

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