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Label technology

"Label technology" hasvisited label enterprises in Jan, 2014. These enterprises are mainly located inSouthern China, East China, North China, northwest and central Chinaarea is also involved. The sample enterprises have a certain visibility andgrowth in the region, can reflect the Chinese label industry's survival state.

According to the report, theoutput value of the sample companies in 2013 has increased, but the profitgrowth is not obvious; or profit and sales growth rate disproportionately. "Increasingoutput without increasing the profits" is many managers heart pain. Manyenterprises are seeking business transformation, the power of transformation isthe original business market competition is intense, profit margin glidesserious; these enterprises are the followers of new technology and newequipment. The reason for importing equipment has begun to change, it use to beto bridge the gap in the industry peers, as it is now for started with thecompetitors gap, improve production efficiency, reduce artificial dependenceand the material loss.

There is no apparent rebound inthe domestic and international economic situation, label industry marketcompetition increases fierce. The high costs of bidding price has become commonroutines and consider other factors, many enterprises have been approaching redlabel profit and have to stick to sneak.

For the label business, profitis very important to keep the reference line. In order to keep synchronous growth profit and value, in order to obtain thereasonable or competitive profit level, "cost" and"benefit" is the label enterprise must pay attention to the problem.

Wemay need to do:

Underthe existing conditions will yield 1% or even 2% upgrade again;

Theeffective operation time equipment upgrade 20%;

Thereload time and equipment debugging, preparation time is shortened 1/3;

Reducemanual relies on more than 25%......

Theproblem is how to do?

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