The Chinese self adhesive label market keeps growing by 15%
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The Chinese self adhesive label market keeps growing by 15%


          Because of an obvious change from an export-based economic to a consumer-driven economy, the Chinese self adhesive sector of label market continues to increase up to 15%. 

          Since Chinese government announced the economic model reform from low cost labor to inland-consumption driven    last year, the pressure-sensitive market has released a big amount demand, especially in some big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and so on.

          According to Ambel sale statistical analysis, proportion of sale for the domestic market was almost equal to export in 2013. It is a so clear signal responding to the Chinese economy reform.

          In 2014, it can be seen that Chinese government investment has moved from south to North China and from east to west china. More and more second and third tier cities display very strong demand. Ambel will also expand market in north and west China.

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